1. Building Inspector

    Find out how to contact the City Building Inspector, who also handles building permits and zoning questions.

  2. City Council

    Access contact information for the City Council of Bel Aire.

  3. City Employee Directory

    Review the staff directory for employees and officials of the City of Bel Aire.

  4. City Hall

    See the address and phone contact information for the City Hall of Bel Aire.

  5. City Manager

    Reach out to Ty Lasher, the Bel Aire City Manager, with your questions and concerns.

  6. Police Department

    Learn how to contact the Police Department of Bel Aire.

  7. Recreation Center

    Gather information to contact the Recreation Center of Bel Aire.

  8. Senior Center

    View the contact information for Bel Aire's Senior Center.