Community Development Advisory Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 7 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of every month
  • Bel Aire City Hall


  • Jeffrey Elshoff
  • Dannielle Fisher
  • Jeff Hawes
  • Kris Jones

  • Jessica Scholes
  • Brian Turner
  • Joe Woodward
  • Ben Wulbern


The purpose of the Community Development Plan is to provide information and guideline assessments for community and economic development within the City of Bel Aire. The growing demand for more services and infrastructure has included the development of a Community Development Committee.

The projects of the Committee include a communication study, advising on the City's website, working on marketing materials, actively participating in the branding process and many other activities. More specifically, the Committee is looking into ways to partner with other organizations, such as not for profits, local businesses and local Bel Aire organizations such as:
  • Lions Club
  • Local churches
  • Planning Commission
  • Senior Center
  • Tree Board
  • Utility Advisory Board
The Committee is a community group of volunteers dedicated to the betterment for all citizens within Bel Aire. 

Responsibilities & Duties

This committee is responsible for all Community development efforts within Bel Aire. The Committee will be tasked in maintaining five critical objectives as part of the Community Development Plan to help advise development efforts for the City of Bel Aire. The Committee is charged with the promotion of several events and is always looking for new ways to help promote the City of Bel Aire.

Critical Objectives & Areas of Emphasis

As a growing community, Bel Aire is focused on encouraging business growth that fits the needs of our residents and businesses.  There are five areas of emphasis for economic development:
  • Retention and expansion of existing businesses
  • Attraction of new commercial/retail and industrial businesses
  • Marketing and promoting of Comprehensive community-wide events with community development as the focal point
  • Diversified housing options
  • Maintaining infrastructure enhancements and zoning updates during development


In addition, the Community Development Advisory Committee works on city wide events, improving the marketing of the City, enhancing the City and Sunflower Commerce Park websites, and promoting community events through partnerships. One of the essential goals of the Committee include raising awareness for all of the activities occurring in Bel Aire.

As a result of multiple partnerships with non-profits and local businesses, the City is experiencing increasing attendance for City and community events. While Bel Aire continues to grow into the future, the Community Development Advisory Committee will ensure the City most effectively markets itself.