Tree Board


  • Connie Cabala
  • Fred Cabala
  • Mark Garriott
  • Diane Martin

  • Sylvia McCombs
  • Gary Northwall
  • Hildegard Yops


Tree Board Members work to ensure that the City maintains its position as a leader in environmentally friendly practices. Continuing the tradition of environmental stewardship, the Bel Aire City Council created the Tree Board in 1995.


The Tree Board bylaws can be viewed here.

Responsibilities & Duties 

The responsibilities and duties of the board are set forth in the amended City Ordinance Number 616, but the general purpose of the Tree Board is to promote the planting, growing and maintenance of trees by providing assistance to our citizens.

Tree City USA Designation

One of the Tree Board's responsibilities is to secure the City's Tree City USA designation. For 21 years, the City of Bel Aire has met or exceeded the requirements for the Tree City USA program, a signal of the long standing environmental commitment of our residents.
Bel Aire is celebrating 21 consecutive years as a Tree City USA community, recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation. Pictured is Gary Northwall, Bel Aire Tree Board member, receiving this award from Larry Biles, State Forester on behalf of the City. Congratulations to the Tree Board and Parks Department for your continued efforts to beautify Bel Aire!
Tree City USA recognition, two men shaking hands with a framed document held between them

Survivor Tree Seedlings

The Bel Aire Tree Board dedicated a Survivor Tree in honor of Sedgwick County Fire Station #37 on Arbor Day 2016. The Survivor Tree is an American Elm that stands at the highest point of the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Bel Aire Tree Board collected seedlings from the Survivor Tree and has continued to carry on a goodwill mission that started in 2008.