Civic Involvement

Members of Bel Aire civic organizations are involved in many aspects of our community, and every day citizens take part in other programs to help make Bel Aire a cleaner, more enjoyable and attractive place for everyone. The determined mindset of our citizens to take an active role in their community lead to the formation of our civic organizations and the success of our city programs.

Take a look at the existing Bel Aire organizations and programs to see how they foster a sense of community through involvement.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Tristin Terhune by email or at 316-744-2451, ext. 119.

Organizations & Programs

  1. Adopt a Hydrant

    Learn more about adopting a hydrant here.

  2. Adopt a Park

    The Adopt-A-Park Program assists the City of Bel Aire with making Bel Aire a cleaner, enjoyable and more attractive place for all.

  3. Beautify Bel Aire

    Have you made improvements to the outside of your home or lawn? Enter your home for Beautify Bel Aire. One home will be selected each month from April to September.

  4. Bel Aire Lions Club

    Gather information about the Bel Aire chapter of the International Lions Club.

  5. Mayor's Youth Council (PDF)

    Find out how to apply to take part in the City of Bel Aire's Mayor's Youth Council.

  6. Tree Planting Program

    The City of Bel Aire has an incentive program for planting trees.