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Drop-in / Reserved Use of Recreational Fields

  1. This restatement of rules and requirements is not a contract, but a restatement of the requirements of the City of Bel Aire, Kansas (City), in connection with use of ball fields by those Affiliated Teams (Patron) whose coaches have signed.

    The Bel Aire Recreation Center (Rec. Center) is located on 48th Street, at:
    5251 East 48th Street North
    Bel Aire, KS 67220

    The Rec. Center can be contacted by:
    Phone: 316-744-2700

    The Rec. Center has many fields for soccer, flag football, baseball and softball available for drop-in use by Bel Aire Residents on a first come, first served basis.

    The Rec. Center is a City owned and maintained facility which belongs to the citizens of Bel Aire. It is the responsibility of Recreation Staff to make sure the facility and grounds are maintained in an appropriate manner to safeguard from injuries as well as limit the expenses associated with maintaining and repairing the facilities.

    Patron desires to utilize the various Softball Fields and the City is willing to permit such use in conformance with the terms and conditions provided for herein.

    Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, the City and Patron agree as follows:

    I. City will allow Patron the use of various softball fields, to be determined on a daily basis by the Recreation Director or his designee, for Softball practices in association with teams coached by the undersigned representatives of Patron.
    A. Patron will be allowed to practice on the baseball or softball fields pending availability, as determined by factors including scheduled activities, field maintenance, and safety of other groups in the area. Priority shall always be given to groups with a paid reservation and any Bel Aire Recreation affiliated team or group. There shall be no practices or practice games on the baseball or softball fields other than those specifically negotiated with and agreed to by the City on a weekly basis.
    B. Patron will be responsible for supervision of the area during practices and taking care of the infield, including: smoothing pitching mounds, raking home plate, and the base paths at the conclusion of each practice.

    II. Patron understands that all usage of any Bel Aire recreational facility requires the user to abide by the Bel Aire Recreation Facility and Operational Policy (attached hereto as Exhibit 1, and as may be updated from time to time) established by City, and to ensure that players, guests, invitees and other persons associated with Patron activities conducted at Rec. Center abide by the same, including the following:
    A. Patron must replace divots and smooth pitching mounds, home plate, and base path areas at the conclusion of each practice.
    B. Patron must have one of the undersigned coaches at each practice to supervise the facility, participants, and their guests, and to insure compliance with Rec. Center rules and regulations.
    C. Patron must pick up trash in and around the fields used for practice after use of Rec. Center field.
    D. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on City property, including parking lots.
    E. Any violation of any criminal code, including trespass, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct, will be dealt with through appropriate law enforcement action.

    III. City will mow, water and grade the Rec. Center fields in a manner that is in the best interests of the investment of the City.

    IV. Patron is hereby notified that Patron will be required to reimburse City for any cost associated with damage to the Rec. Center fields and/or facility that exceed normal or routine maintenance requirements.

    V. City will provide trash service and receptacles for the Rec. Center.

    VI. City will remove and abate immediately all nuisances that are potentially of a hazardous character and shall address issues of unsightliness in a timely manner.

    VII. Patron understands that there may be other requirements as may be desirable to promote the best usage of facilities as requested by the City.

    The Recreation Director of the City of Bel Aire and Patron sign in acknowledgement that Patron has been given, has received, and has understood all of the requirements associated with use of Bel Aire ball fields on an unscheduled drop-in basis.

  2. Exhibit 1
    Bel Aire Recreation Facility and Operational Policy

    1. Purpose
    The Recreation Facility and Operational Policy is established so that citizens of Bel Aire have a clear understanding of building, grounds, fields, facilities, and operations. The Recreation Facility is a City owned and maintained facility which belongs to the citizens of Bel Aire. It is the responsibility of Recreation Staff to make sure the facility and grounds are maintained in an appropriate manner to safeguard from injuries as well as limit the expenses in maintaining and repairing the facilities. In addition, it is the responsibility of Rec Staff to create, operate and monitor all activities and programs.

    2. Operating Procedures
    The Recreation Complex is generally available to the public from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. All scheduling of programs and facility rentals / uses must be approved by the Recreation Director.

    The Recreation Director is responsible for all programs, scheduling, closings, cancellations, events and/or programs at the Recreation Complex.

    The following information will be posted and/or available for any citizen: - Office and building hours.
    - Rules and regulations.
    - Fees and rates.
    - Cancellations and closings.
    - Reservation requests and policies.

    Any items for public display i.e. brochures, flyers, pamphlets and other materials must be approved by the Recreation Director. If a community display board is available, businesses, churches, etc. may be allowed in that area only. Programs and teams of the Recreation Department shall receive priority use of athletic fields, grounds and facilities.

    3. Fields and Grounds
    Athletic Fields and grounds are open to the public subject to closings due to unplayable conditions or scheduled Bel Aire Recreation activities. Additionally, the Recreation Director may close fields or grounds due to weather, unplayable conditions, scheduled activities, or maintenance at any time. Field and grounds closings shall be marked by signs and notification at the building. Individuals may also call 316-744-2700, Monday - Saturday to find out the availability and conditions of the grounds.

    Activities and teams of the Bel Aire Recreation Center receive priority uses of all Recreation Complex facilities.

    Non-Bel Aire Recreation teams or citizens may utilize the grounds and fields if available and conditions allow. Teams or individuals can call the Recreation office at 316-744-2700, Monday – Saturday.

    To protect the investment of the citizens of Bel Aire in establishing, building, and maintaining the Bel Aire Recreation Facility, it is the responsibility of Recreation Staff to maintain the complex in good playing condition and proactively work to prevent costly repairs due to damage caused by teams, players, or individuals through education and enforcement of approved policies.

    Recreation Staff are authorized to refuse service to any team, player, or individual who misuses any part of the recreation facility, who fails to comply with rules and regulations, or who causes damage to the recreational facility, including its fields or grounds.

    Bel Aire Recreation Field Rental Guidelines

    1. Application for field rental must be made on a form available at the Recreation Center. Requests must be signed by an adult (21 years of age) who must be in attendance and who will assume responsibility for the group.
    2. Bel Aire based groups only, may reserve up to two daylight hours per week for a fee of $11 per reservation. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Non-family groups must be comprised of at least 60% Bel Aire residents.
    3. Ongoing rentals and drop in use is limited for soccer & rugby and not available for tackle football, lacrosse or golf activities.
    4. Rentals must be requested one (1) month in advance. Field rentals are available only when Bel Aire Recreation activities are not in session.
    5. Requests for rentals are to be directed to the Director.
    6. Rental fees and a $100 refundable deposit shall accompany all rental applications. Alternate payment arrangements will be made for groups requesting multiple reservations. If damages should occur during the rental period or if field is not left as found, deposit will be forfeited and groups may be excluded from future use.
    7. Cancellations of reservations must be made in writing seven (7) days prior to the scheduled rental. Failure to comply can result in loss of rental fees and/or deposit.
    8. Rentals can be rescheduled or refunded due to inclement weather or unplayable conditions.
    9. Rental fees are established by the City of Bel Aire and are subject to change.
    10. Upon approval of a request by the Director, or his designee, the group will be issued a field use permit. The permit cannot be transferred to any other individual or group. Bel Aire recreation reserves the right to require additional supervision and/or fees for large groups or groups with special requirements, such as very young groups.
    11. Rental groups shall not sell or take donations for admission, concessions, programs, novelties, etc. without the authorization of the Director. Failure to comply could result in forfeiture of deposit and exclusion from future use.
    12. Rental groups shall provide own equipment and supplies (i.e. bases, goals, chalk).
    13. After the rental, the deposit may be picked-up the next business day or it will be returned by mail. Alternate deposit return arrangements will be made for groups requesting multiple reservations.

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